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Brooklyn & NYC Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor, FMS Trainer, ACSM, YTA

Luisa Noelle Howell

Certified Personal Trainer & Yoga Guide (ACSM, FMS, YTA, Prenatal)


I’m Luisa Noelle, I’m a Sagittarius, I like long walks on the beach, city strolls and the perfect impromptu hang out. Just kidding. I am a California born chick who was raised all over the place (including Mexico) and continues to grow up in New York City with world travels in between. I have always been obsessed with personal growth in anything worth doing and tend to always find one half of me heavily engaged in spiritual growth/exploration, fitness/athletics while the other part of me is working on some piece of creative work. I am one who definitely follows the cliché of “people teach/give what they love to receive/learn.”

Growing up I was the kid who did every sport under the sun until high school when I decided to pick just one so I could find balance between being an athlete and my creative side. So basketball became my sport because it was entertaining and the most challenging for me. This made it destined to make me have to grow as an athlete and person at the same time if I was going to achieve anything. After all said and done, I played basketball for over 15 years and was a part of 2 championship teams during my college career. I had also unintentionally started my career as a trainer and picked up valuable knowledge through my own collegiate training experiences. Along the road I ended up bumping into the formal practice of yoga out of health needs and was blown away to finally have something bundled up so many things I love in life into one practice- body movement and familiarity, spiritual growth and chilling out and finding ease within myself .

Since college, I have continued to explore myself from the inside and out and have been giving to those around me what I love for myself – an amazing way to connect with the wholeness of who you are and inadvertently connect better with people and the universe.

Luisa Noelle

A few of my favorite things around the city…
For an awesome massage in Manhattan, Body Mechanics is my go to spot.