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Client Rants & Raves

Leslee S


“She’s Wonderful!I’ve been working with Luisa for two months and I have a different body now. I can lift things I couldn’t lift before, I exercise on my own for pleasure, and I’ve dropped inches and gained muscles. Luisa always checks in on the intensity level of the work out and manages to find just the right spot: within your preferred limit, but also pushing you “if it’s available”. She plans exercise circuits for you according to what your priorities are, then comes up with new circuits every few weeks to work different muscle groups and to keep you from getting bored. If you like, she’ll give periodic assessments using a caliper and tape measure to see how your body has changed. She is never late, is very knowledgeable about all things related to training, and, best of all, is funny, smart, generous, sly, and nurturing.”



Profesional Athlete (Training for 2012 Olympics)

“I am a Professional Track Athlete currently training for the 2012 Olympics on the Trinidad & Tobago National Team. I was having tightness last year, especially after having competed in Europe for two months, and Luisa’s yoga facilitated in really loosening my muscles up. I felt more limber and am still benefiting from her teachings. I use them at practice and it has enabled to me to get more extension in my running and to feel more productive during practice. I highly recommend Luisa as a Yoga Instructor, for not only is she thorough and patient but she brings a superior level of awareness to breathing and muscles that allows one to feel more at home in their own body.”
Top Qualities: Great results, personable, high integrity


Triathlete/Marathon Runner & Resident at New Jersey Department of Education

“I have wanted to compete in marathons and triathlons for years. One of my major challenges was that with a commanding job that worked me around the clock, I never took the time to train properly. Year after year I would consistently find myself injured throughout the training season and limping across the finish line.

Working with Luisa changed this. My time availability didn’t change, but how I used my time did. She had me build a strong core through a variety of exercises focused on reoccurring injury areas as well as identifying the root cause of these. Luisa was able to help me be the healthiest I have ever been by coaching me to improve my strength training, building a strong core as my foundation, increasing flexibility, utilizing cross training methods and eating better to support my lifestyle. I have been extremely competitive this season so far and am looking forward to 5 more races.

Thank you Luisa”